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  • Snap Hook Neckline


    Snap Hook Ideal for Necklines

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  • Snap Hook


    Snap Hook ideal for making ganglions or leads

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  • Quick Release Snap


    Quick Release Snap ideal for Snublines.

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  • Manmat Ski Line 1 dog


    ManMat’s Ski Line Fin for 1 Dog is 2.3 m long before stretching, about 3 m long after stretching it is made out of 1 inch wide tubular webbing with built-in bungee.

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  • Traczer-4-Wheel-Cart-Go-Mushing-Newry

    Traczer 4 Wheel Cart


    The frame is built to deal with punishment from the trail while taking stiffness, responsiveness and efficiency to the next level. Lightweight and hugely capable you get a cart that responds to every single input and does exactly what you want it to.

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  • Traczer-Cart-Ozzi-3-Wheel-Rig

    Traczer Ozzi Rig


    The Traczer Ozzi 3 Wheel Rig is a World Class cart designed for dryland or urban mushing. Manufactured to improve the driver experience with light weight responsiveness and improved handling without sacrificing strength! Making them the lightest and best cart in the world.

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  • Traczer-Arrow-Scooter-Go-Mushing-Newry

    Traczer Arrow Scooter


    The Traczer Arrow Scooter is head and shoulders ahead of its rivals and is the market leader in scooter design. Its slick design and high quality materials used in its construction.

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  • ManMat-Braised-Leash-with-Bungee

    ManMat Braided Leash with Bungee


    ManMat’s Leash with Bungee measures 170cm long unstretched but stretches to 210cm. It is made from a durable 1 inch wide tubular webbing, and it has a built-in bungee which absorbs sudden pulls, making it easier to walk hard pulling dogs.

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  • ManMat Flat Padded Leash


    Manmat Flat Padded Leash is made of high-quality solid material is great for walks or even exhibitions.

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  • ManMAt-Flat-Leash-Go-Mushing-Newry

    ManMat Flat Leash


    ManMat’s Flat Leash is made from 1 inch wide webbing and is about 180 cm (70 inches) long. The Leash webbing comes in a variety of colours that match ManMat’s range of collars and harnesses.

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  • ManMat-Tow-Line-Bungee-Go-Mushing-Newry

    ManMat Tow Line Bungee


    ManMat’s Tow Line Bungee is designed to be extremely durable, and is covered with a protective sheath. It is designed to reduce and absorb shock when using a 4 wheeler, 3 wheel rig, training cart, scooter or sled.

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  • ManMat Lash Harness


    Harness LASH is a universal working harness for most dog breeds. Its main benefit is the setting of tension proportion between the chest part and the back part of the harness using a buckle.

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