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  • ManMat-Tow-Line-Bungee-Go-Mushing-Newry

    ManMat Tow Line Bungee


    ManMat’s Tow Line Bungee is designed to be extremely durable, and is covered with a protective sheath. It is designed to reduce and absorb shock when using a 4 wheeler, 3 wheel rig, training cart, scooter or sled.

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  • ManMat Lash Harness


    Harness LASH is a universal working harness for most dog breeds. Its main benefit is the setting of tension proportion between the chest part and the back part of the harness using a buckle.

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  • ManMat-Soft-Universal-Harness-Go-Mushing-Newry

    ManMat Soft Universal Harness


    ManMat’s Soft Universal harness was developed from the experience of using the Long Distance harness during the Iditarod and Yukon Quest dog sled races.

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  • ManMat-Sled-Harness-Go-Mushing-Newry

    Manmat Harness Run (Long)


    The harnesses are made of 100% polypropylene. Material for padding – TEBOX – has been tested for rubbing, does not damage the dog hair, does not freeze and is minimally absorbent.

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  • ManMat-Half-Lash-Harness-Go-Mushing-Newry


    ManMat Half Lash Harness


    The Half Lash Harness is made of 100% polypropylene. The padding material has been tested against scraping. It does not damage dog’s hair, does not freeze and absorbs only minimum of water.

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  • ManMat-Colour-Chart-Go-Mushing-Newry
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  • ManMat-Long-Distance-Harness-Go-Mushing-Newry

    Manmat Long Distance Harness


    Available only in displayed color – new material with reflex strips.

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  • ManMat-Harness-Guard-Go-Mushing-Newry

    Manmat Harness Guard


    ManMat Harness Guard is made of 100% polypropylene. The material used for padding has been tested for wear, does not damage the dogs’ hair, and is resistant to icing and moisture.

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  • ManMat-Sled-Harness-Go-Mushing-Newry-Northern-Ireland

    Manmat Sled Harness


    ManMat’s Sled Harness is constructed using TEBOX padding around neck, double wide breast plate in an X-back style. Extremely durable webbing.

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  • ManMat-Harness-Run-Go-Mushing-Newry

    Manmat Harness Run


    This harness is suitable for dogs with whom you start working in these disciplines. On this harness the dog is easier to handle at early stages of the training.

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